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IBS: Finding Relief

Holistic IBS Management

🪴 IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome, which often presents as recurrent abdominal pain that is related to defecation or a change in stool form and frequency. This must be present at least one day weekly for 3-months in a row to be officially diagnosed. 

Often I’ll hear that people have a loose bowel movement one day and experience constipation the next two days, with no easily identifiable trigger. IBS is considered a functional condition, meaning the anatomy of the GI tract appears normal with no visible damage that can explain the symptoms. This can be quite distressing for people, especially given there is no one answer as to where IBS stems from. 

This is where patient centered care and a holistic approach is key in providing relief! 🙌🏼

Common sources I will investigate with patients include:

✨ Reduced Enzyme &/or Gastric Acid Production

✨ Issues with GI motility

✨ Food Sensitivities 

✨ Imbalances in the Gut Microbiome &/or GI Infections

✨ Hormone Fluctuations

✨ Psychological Factors (ie. stress, anxiety, low mood, and insomnia)

✨ Medication or Supplement use

✨ Genetic Factors

Please click here for my article on identifying food sensitivities and here for my other article detailing the interplay between our gut-brain axis.

A few modalities I’ve found successful in relieving IBS include:

🌱 Digestive Enzymes


🌱 L-Glutamine

🌿 Probiotics

🌱 Chamomile 

🌿 Colostrum

🌱 Boswellia

🌿 Skullcap

🌱 Magnesium

🌿 Neem

Be sure to contact your provider to learn which options and doses are appropriate for you. Lab testing is a valuable tool to help guide IBS management. 

Testing options I offer include:

🧪 Food Sensitivity & Allergy Testing

🧪 Microbiology & Stool Testing 

🧪 Micronutrient Status

🧪 Hormone Panels

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Disclaimer | This is not medical advice. 


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